Ten Important Medical Travel Tips

Ten Important Medical Travel Tips

By Rodgers H Bestgen

Over 100,000 US patients are travelling abroad for treatment every year and more are set to follow.  Anyone contemplating surgery or dentistry abroad would do well to check out the list below of sound practices when considering medical travel abroad. Full of sound practical advice on going overseas for elective surgery, cosmetic surgery and dentistry this short guide will answer the concerns of the medical tourist and help him or her decide on the best destination and healthcare provider to suit their needs.

“Medical tourism is a growing industry and there are a huge number of countries offering competitively priced surgery – there is so much choice that it can be confusing” says Patrick Goodness of the Medical Tourism Marketing group. When considering treatment abroad “It is essential that potential patients do their research. This short guide to Medical Tourism was compiled to help patients make the right decisions about treatment abroad”.

Here are ten top tips from the guide to help the medical tourist on his or her way:

1. Find out all you can about the treatment or procedure that you are interested in – an informed patient is more able to make an informed choice.

2. Prepare a comprehensive checklist of questions to ask your surgeon or dentist abroad.

3. Pick the destination that is right for you – countries vary in terms of costs and areas of surgical specialty.  Most certainly depending on where you are accessibility,and time and cost of travel are important considerations.

4. Compare Costa and services. Does the facility have an in house coordinator? Is transportation readily available and included, including airport pick up.

5. Qualifications and accreditations vary by country. One should always do their homework and make sure that the accreditations that apply to that particular country are in place.

6. Are there treatment guarantees All procedures carry some risk.  What can you expect if a complication should arise?  Will this be dealt with within the package price and 9in what form, from the institution or insurance carrier?

7. make sure and ask questions about recovery time and make sure your itinerary is flexible enough in case more time is needed.

8. Once you have spoken to the doctors and their intake staffs and considered all the options, choose a provider that you trust and feel comfortable with.

9. Don’t go for cosmetic surgery or dentistry based on pictures or email correspondence alone.   Ask for testimonials from previous patients.

10. And finally.  Check you have a valid passport and the correct visas.  And remember if you do decide to include a bit of vacation with a procedure then make sure you schedule these activities first. Later you will more than likely want to put your feet up and relax after your procedure.

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